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About CPK

The most important things to know about training at CPK.

CPK is founded by Claudio and Taru. Its purpose is to create a place where anyone can train independently without being stared at or nagged. You can put your own music on, lift heavy weight, use magnesium/chalk and engage in fun idle chat. CPK is not just a regular gym, it is club. All members know each other and chat with each other, but we also give each other the space to do our own training independently. The only things that we ask our members are:

  • Clean up when you are done. Put things where they belong. Also clean the bars and benches after you used chalk.
  • If someone is doing or is about to do a set, do not walk right in front of them or try to start/continue a conversation. This can wait until after the set.
  • Do not give unwanted comments/advice. You do not know what goes inside another person's head and why they are doing what they do. It is also arrogant to interfere with someone's own learning process. Reserve your commentary/advice for when you are being asked.
  • Always show respect to everyone and help us create the best possible atmosphere. Put yourself in other people's shoes! No matter whether someone is a beginner or advanced, at CPK we are all friends and we wish each other the best.

Anyone who abides by these rules is welcome.

1 visit? Only € 5,-

A whole month unlimited? Only € 49,-