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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I am not very experienced in the use of free weights. Is your gym still for me?

    A: Not a problem. We are ready to help everyone in our gym with how to properly do exercises and you can always ask questions.

  • Q: Suppose that I would like some help, but I do not immediately want to pay for personal training. Which help can I expect free of charge?

    A: All help that we consider "general knowledge" is free of charge. You only pay for services that we consider to be exclusive to our gym.
    For example, general technique, programming and dieting is for free. We can also give references to good online sources.
    Customized diets, programming or anything else that we develop ourselves is exclusively available under a personal training fee.

  • Q: How is the gym culture, are there any specific rules I should know about?

    A: The single and most important rule is to be respectful. People have varying goals and train at varying levels, from big guys in tank tops to mothers working on their longevity.
    It is important that everyone is free to do their own thing without being bothered by others who are different.